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How do i setup my Windows VM?
1. After purchase login to your account, hover over services drop menu and click on MY SERVICES....
How long does it take for an order to process?
Most orders take 1 min to process however dedicated server orders take 24-72 hours to process.
how do I cancel my service?
Make sure you copy what you need from your service. After contact our support and we can cancel...
How do I connect to my VPS?
On the control panel we recommend using the serial console button to access it. However, if you...
How can I add more IP addresses?
Most services have a “add extra” option button but you could email us if you forgot...
How long do I have to get a full refund?
We offer up to 24 hours after your purchase for a full refund.
I get an error when I try to change my root password
The password you’re using has characters that are now allowed. Our suggestion is to...
What are your live chat hours?
Our live chat is online 24/7.
How do i connect to my Windows VPS?
To enable remote desktop connection to your Windows VM please follow the guide from the video...

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