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How do I set up Cloudpress?

Cloudpress is easy to set up along with VESTACP. Here are step by step instructions on how to set up Cloudpress.

    1. buy cloudpress
    2. Direct your domain to cloudpress vps IP. This is done through your domain provider.
          1. Example enom. Add the A address as your VPS IP.


        1. Go to your “https:\\yourwebsite.com:8083” login using admin/ IBmKoTmm4B


IMPORTANT NOTE: change your password!

  1. Go to admin on the right hand side
  2. Enter a secure password
  3. save


 ii.    Go to DNS tab

  1. Add new DNS
  2. Only add:
      1. Add your domain
      2. IP address of domain(technically the VPS IP)
      3. Add Nameservers (normally dns1.name-services.com but check with WHOIS or reseller)
      4. Click add


    iii.  Go to mail tab

  1. Add new mail domain
    1. Only add domain
    2. Save
  2. on your website name click list accounts


a) add mail account

         i. account (aname@yourdomain.com)

         ii. Create a password

         iii. Save

  1. Test your website to see if everything works and test email.


Go to yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/install.php

setup user account


Save and continue


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